Butterflies With Voices provides multiple services that strengthen our Futures personal development. Future's will experience different cultures, opportunities, and experiences that will enlighten their minds and broaden their horizons. We want our futures to partake in various events that they once saw as impossible. BWV will include the following services for our futures and our communities to participate in:



1.  Mentoring


Each future will be matched with a mentor for ten months.   Futures will meet with their mentor once a month to work on an anticipated goal. During this time, the future will use the mentor as a direct guidance tool for personal struggles and positive development.



2.  Life Skills Workshops


In addition to mentoring, Butterflies with Voices will provide futures with the opportunity to encounter individuals that will teach new skills such as self-image, healthy lifestyles, stress management, resume building, community service and much more.



3.  Bonding Activities


Once a month, a bonding activity is planned for the Futures and mentors to get together and build a stronger relationship amongst each other. These events support BWV's plan of building a family of sisters. Some of these activities include: skating, bowling, dinner, and talks.



4.  Butterflies with Voices Award Ceremony


At the end of each wave, all chapters will host an award ceremony as a celebration for our mentors and Futures. During this event, all of the futures growth, success, and accomplishments are acknowledged.


5.  Cultural Educational Festival


BWV's cultural education Festival is an event that will bring more awareness of various cultures that our Futures' may not have much knowledge about. It is a day in which people from different backgrounds come together to share their food, arts, and culture with the community.



6.  Annual Convention


 Butterflies With Voices will do an annual event as a way to give back to the community. We will raise awareness of a specific cause each year and give 50% of our proceeds from the event back to an organization of our choosing.