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Our Services

Butterflies With Voices provides multiple services that strengthen a child’s personal development. Futures will experience different cultures, opportunities, and experiences that will enlighten their minds and broaden their horizons.  We want our futures partake in various events that they once saw as unreachable or impossible. BWV will include the following services for out futures and our communities to partake in:





Each future will be matched with a future for ten months.   Futures will meet with their mentor once a month to work on an anticipated goal. During this time, the future will use the mentor as a direct guidance tool for personal struggles and positive development.


Life Skills Workshops


In addition to mentoring Butterflies with Voices will provide futures with the opportunity to encounter individuals that will teach new skills such as money management, the importance of self-image, resume building, community service and much more.


Bonding Activity


Once a month, the paired mentor and future will get the opportunity to plan the bonding activity that the chapter will experience. Some of these activities include: Skating, Bowling, and “Girl Talk”.


Butterflies with Voices Scholarship Ball


At the end of each wave, one chosen girl from each state will be awarded a $500 scholarship based on a recommendation letter from her mentor. This ball will be the event that allows the organization to acknowledge the future's growth, success, and achieved accomplishments.


Cultural Educational Festival


Being that Butterflies with Voices is a diverse group of people; we will educate our futures on the different cultures that make up the world. The event will incorporate food, arts, and entertainment from different parts of the world. Each mentor and future pair will choose a culture to highlight.


Annual Campaign


Butterflies With Voices will do an annual event as a way to give back to the community.  We will raise awareness of a specific cause and give 50% of our proceeds from the event back to an organization of our choosing.

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