Since the foundation of Butterflies With Voices, Incorporated, it has been the mission of our founders to actively serve at risk youth through empowerment, knowledge and sisterhood in the states of Connecticut, Virginia, & New York. It has become our mission to unlock the potential of these young women by instilling our seven visions: self- awareness, humbleness, wisdom, kindness, faithfulness, motivation, and loyalty.



It is our vision to have our futures understand the importance of their education, their role in public service and the importance of standing up for what she believes in; to help our futures become the women they wish to be by living out their dreams while remaining modest and admirable; to assist our futures in making healthy, positive and progressive choices; to teach our futures all about compassion, generosity, love and respect; to build lifelong friendships that our futures can rely on while constructing their dependability  in order to understand their values and morals; to learn from our futures and allow them to be an inspiration in our lives; and to be devoted, consistent, and positive role models.