Seeing the need for a direct resource and the need for an individual guidance tool, BWV claimed one to one mentoring as one of their top services. The mentoring service is used to secure a lifelong friendship between the future and BWV member. BWV considers their one to one mentoring as a distinguished service due to the fact that mentors and futures follow a goal.  Mentors will work with futures to obtain an anticipated goal of the future. It will give futures the chance to excel in what they determine is a weakness. Futures will have a positive role model that shares similarities and whom will work to strengthen them. Mentors will only have one future and will be on call. One to one mentoring also gives futures a chance to call someone their own and to see that someone is genuinely invested in their wellbeing. Futures will be able to establish more of a rapport with their mentor and will gain a comfort level. The mentoring aspect is one of value.