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Chartered Members

Olivia Samone


Olivia Samone was born and raised in Waterbury, CT with a passion to empower girls to love, embrace, and support each other.  She holds a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice. She begin her steps in the field as a CASA volunteer and Youth Development Specialist. Since then she has became a Program Manager at the only Youth Service Bureau in the area where she oversees after school programs, youth summer employment, and college intern placements. She also heads a Young Women Conference and annual Back To School Rally. Olivia stays involved in the community by delivering workshops on self- awareness and community to other nonprofit organizations and volunteering as a BBBS mentor. She also spends time coaching a young girl’s dance team. Olivia’s has several philosophies about life, education, and community including education being the key to success. Olivia is a strong believer of faith and believes that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly. When she is not working or completing public service; she spends time traveling the world. Olivia would love to teach every girl that SHE IS POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL.

Brittany Fisher, MSW

Brittany Fisher is a native from Hartford, CT. She relocated to Richmond, VA to pursue her education in social work from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Brittany has always given back to her community and continues to do so. She has worked with at-risk youth majority of her life as she has taught step to middle school children, assisted at the Children's Probate Court, and assisted probation officers who were assigned juvenile sex offenders. Brittany has a passion to be a meaningful resource and an effective collaborator for children and adults who struggle with everyday strife. Brittany currently works at Central State Hospital as a Treatment Team Social Worker in a maximum forensic unit. Although her career are with adolescents and adults, Brittany has began to the process of starting her own business to provide intensive in-home services to youth ages 5-18. She envisions helping youth and their family in the home so that they can see their full potential in places outside their home. Brittany has a bachelors degree from the University of New Haven in Criminal Justice and Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work. She believes everyone has the potential to rise up.  

Jaydee Betances


Jaydee was raised in Waterbury, CT for most of her life, which taught her to be modest and optimistic. Jaydee is very passionate about giving back to her community and helping those in need. Jaydee has been involved in numerous volunteering opportunities. Jaydee will be returning to school to pursue her bachelors degree.

Veronica Fisher


Veronica was raised in the Bronx, New York for much of her life, which has motivated her to give back to her community.  She currently works as a Crisis Counselor in the Bronx; she has seven years of experience working with the teenage and mental health population.  Veronica is a recent graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she received her Master’s in Public Administration.  While balancing a full time job and other responsibilities, Veronica loves spending time with her husband and three sons. 

Melitza Rivera


Miss. Melitza M. Rivera was born and raised in Waterbury Connecticut. Miss. Rivera is a proud daughter of Pablo and Nancy Rivera. Miss. Rivera graduated from John F. Kennedy high school in 2009. Currently Miss. Rivera is pursuing her degree in Human Services.    

Ebone-Tyasia Williams


Ebone Williams is a native of Richmond, VA, that enjoys working and engaging in volunteer work in her community. She recently graduated in 2015 from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Psychology. She continues to strive to pursue a Masters in Social Work or Marriage/ Family Counseling. Ebone has a great passion for working with youth, victims of abuse and continues to work at a counseling agency. Due to Ebone's passion with children she has begun the process of opening her own Intensive In- Home agency to continue to service those children and families that are in need of support, care and guidance to make a change in their life. Ebone truly believes that anyone can make a negative situation into a positive one with help and motivation.  

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