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Butterflies With Voices started as a vision created by two young women, and has evolved into a program that is currently running out of three states, Connecticut, Virginia, and New York.  We were provided the opportunity to go to different states and to connect with sisters that share the same passion and dreams, and currently have 14 members.  



Each state has its own team of motivated women, who are carrying out the mission and vision of BWV.    


Connecticut Chapter Members

Jaydee Betances, President


Olivia Samone, 1st  Vice President 

Celina Gomes, 2nd Vice President 


Melitza Rivera, Event Coordinator


Ieda Allen, Financial Advisor


Franshelly Duarte, Fundraising Coordinator 

Stephanie Dailey, Mentor 

Andrea White, Mentor

Maya Dean Vasquez, Mentor 

Quasia Porter, Mentor 

Virginia Chapter Members

Brittany Fisher,  President/ Event Coordinator


Ebone Williams, Vice President/Secretary/ Publicist

Ebony Johnson, Mentor



Veronica Fisher, President



New York Member

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