In 2013, Butterflies With Voices' founders came together with the passion and drive to help young women who were experiencing various struggles. They reached out to four other motivated and dedicated women who were active in their communities and willing to assist. In February 2014, these six young ladies formed a sisterhood that was passionate and resilient in strengthening young women. Each of these ladies chartered through and symbolizes one of Butterflies With Voices' visionaries: self-awareness, wisdom, humbleness, faithfulness, kindness, motivation and loyalty. They chartered in hopes of making a difference in the lives of young women in their community by mentoring and inspiring them to become successful.


Butterflies With Voices is a not only a mentoring program for young women, we are a family of sisters that offers guidance, support, and consistency.  BWV's seven visionaries act as a driving force to encourage, support, and assist our Futures in accomplishing their goals and becoming the women they wish to be.